How It Works

Business Overview

With A Web Order you can offer cloud-based online ordering service to your customers. You will be able to compete in the technological world and take a portion of the billion dollars online market. More and more people are buying online. The United States Department of Commerce reported online sales of $298.3 billion for the year 2014 and $341.7 billion for 2015. The projected online sales for 2016 are $355 billion, according to Forrester Research. For 2017 the amount increases to $385 billion, reaching the $400 billion mark by 2018. 





The direction the market is heading is clear and industry experts agree that online orders are expected to surpass offline orders. Now more than ever local businesses need to be online.


Who is A Web Order ideal for?


Why Us?

We make it cost efficient to accept orders online and also very easy. Furthermore, with direct deposit, you receive the money first! You will also have access to your admin panel where you can update the menu or products immediately. You control everything from pictures, descriptions, prices, special sales, to discount codes, etc. No experience or special technical knowledge is needed to get started.


Some of our features are:




What are the benefits of online ordering for a business?


A Web Order Competitive Advantages


How It Works


How do I get paid?

Once an order is placed and the customer’s credit card information is entered, the funds are instantly deposited to your bank account for each transaction. The process is the same if the customer was to swipe their credit card at a physical business location. All financial transactions are handled by our integrated partners Stripe and Paypal credit card processing services, are secure and comply with the industry safety standards. You can also select to get paid cash at your location.




How do A Web Order get paid?

Our platform has an automated invoicing system. At the end of the month, we will prepare the invoice and send it to you by email. It will have a ‘Pay Now’ link which connects to a Stripe invoice page which details the amount, services, the service dates, etc. You just fill in your credit card information and submit the payment. 


What is included?


The Perks


How do I receive orders?

Once an order is placed the restaurant or retailer receives it immediately. You can receive orders via email, the Orders Dashboard from your business panel, HP e-printer, or fax. You can also receive order notifications from text messages and automated phone calls. 


What you Get with this Platform
Direct deposit
Custom to business
Unlimited orders
Unlimited menu
Mobile/tablet compatibility
Online store hosting
Professional reports
Website ordering
Facebook ordering
Custom pages
Discount codes
Technical support


The Simple Setup Process

  1. Sign-up here, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions immediately after sign-up.
  2. Schedule a one-on-one technical training.
  3. Contact us if you have questions. We will be happy to assist you!


Don't waste one more day without taking advantage of e-Commerce possibilities. We are here to help you achieve your sales goals!